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Bee Hotels – where can we put them in Wellow?

Did you know that not all bees live in colonies or build hives in which to live and nest?  Many bee species are solitary – they live alone and build their nests in tiny places like hollow stems and holes in wood.  Though they do not make honey, solitary bees are absolutely necessary as pollinators of crops… read more »

Best plants for bees

In 2018 we will be looking at how we can best encourage and support bees. One of the major considerations is the flowers now which bees need to flourish. There is much advice out there; here is one such very informative site – Rosybees Plants for bees. This is the result of 4 years detailed… read more »

Bee talk 15th February 2018

Brigit Strawbridge is coming to tell us about bees and flowers … see http://hortsoc.wellow.org/index.php/bee-talk-15th-february/ Brigit is an amateur naturalist, wildlife gardener and bee enthusiast who writes, speaks and campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of our native wild bees and the reasons for their decline. She is especially interested in the roles different species play in… read more »

Welcome to the bees in Wellow

Wellow is a small village in Somerset, UK. We are delighted that we have so many bees, and want to support them. For us, 2018 is the “Year of the bee”. Look out for lots of activities and events in association with the Wellow Hort Soc.    


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