Bee Hotels – where can we put them in Wellow?

Did you know that not all bees live in colonies or build hives in which to live and nest?  Many bee species are solitary – they live alone and build their nests in tiny places like hollow stems and holes in wood.  Though they do not make honey, solitary bees are absolutely necessary as pollinators of crops and flowers.  These bees are usually very docile and peaceful, very reluctant to sting.


Bee hotels are a great way to  attract more of these beneficial pollinators into your garden while helping to give the bees a habitat that will aid in boosting their declining populations.  A bee hotel contains materials that bees like to nest in, like wood drilled with holes, hollow bamboo stalks, and other materials that mimic the bees’ natural nesting areas.  A bee hotel can contain a huge variety of materials or just a few, and can be large and elaborate or small and simple.  Size really doesn’t matter, since each bee really only needs one hole in which to nest.

Good advice on making bee hotels here


Smaller, easy ones …

Native-solitary-bee-hotel-made-from-recycled-materials. Little eco footprints
Quick and easy! From

Larger, retro ..

Bee hotel
Use an old door to frame. Bricks and pieces of cinder block make perfect spaces for extra holes and bamboo stalks in this bee condo.

See source, with good advice on the materials needed, and about specific bees  (translated)


One for the car park??

Bee and bug hotel

Larger habitats like this one from the Metropolitan Field Guide can include areas for other small creatures like butterflies, amphibians, and ladybugs.  Check out the downloadable PDF from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust on how to build this habitat.

Artistic bee hotel

This gorgeous display from Amy Curtis Floristry mixes bee habitat with beautiful succulents. One for your garden?

Or this one, which adds beauty

Hotel in flowers

Here’s an amazingly gorgeous bee hotel sitting amongst a group of flowers.  This is made with rustic natural materials and the angled lines give it wonderful visual interest.  Via


Resplendent or what?

Top notch

This bee hotel sits in Place des Jardins in Paris, and is absolutely gorgeous!  Image via Moira Dunworth

For the corner in your garden?

A bee hotel can be made out of all kinds of materials, as you can see in this one.  This house sits in the kitchen garden of Louis XIV’s palace in Versailles.  Image via Landscape Lover


I have cribbed the above from here 27 Incredibly Beautiful Bee Hotels (And Why You Should Build One) so there are many more great bee hotels here.

Google bee hotel for many more!

So you have seen the pictures, you are inspired to make a bee hotel – now read the specifics here.

Come along in April 2018 (date to be confirmed) to build a community bee hotel. ALSO put one or more in your own garden.

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